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Thank you for your interest in Navien’s extensive line up of high efficiency heating & water heating equipment.

Navien’s high-efficiency condensing and combi boilers & water heaters have great value for the price. They’re efficient, affordable, and reliable, but they also have some great new technologies that make controlling your heating system and customizing your home comfort a breeze.

Plus, Navien products are compact, economical, and available in a wide range of sizes and outputs, so it’s pretty much guaranteed there’s a Navien model that will meet your needs.

Let’s do a quick overview of the Navien Product Offering…

Simply, Navien offers three type of units:


Condensing Boilers:  NFB Series and NHB Series

The NFB and NHB series are high-efficiency condensing boilers with AFUE ratings of 95 percent. Because they’re condensing boilers, they trap and recycle some of the heat that would be lost with a conventional boiler, thereby improving efficiency and heating performance.

These models are also equipped with Navien’s sophisticated burners, which have some of the highest turndown ratios in the industry. They are compact and designed to be easy-to-install, and this could mean lower initial setup costs.

The boilers in this series are compatible with NaviLink, a Wi-Fi enabled control that can give you access to your heating system from anywhere in the world.

Condensing Combi Boilers: NCB-E Series and NFC Series

It used to be that you had to choose between combi boilers and condensing boilers, but Navien was one of the first brands to offer the high-efficiency condensing combi boiler with their NCB-E and NFC Series models.

Not only can these boilers provide heat for your home and hot water for all your cooking, cleaning, and bathing needs, but they’re also more energy efficient because they recycle exhaust gases that traditional combi boilers might waste. 

The boilers in these series are high-quality and designed to last, and when paired with the NaviLink system, they can let you adjust settings for your heating and hot water systems remotely.

Condensing Water Heating Units: NPE Series

Navien produces a tank replacement series called the NPE-A & NPE-S Series

The Navien NPE-240a is a tankless heater worth buying. It is suitable for all home sizes and climates but performs exceptionally well in properties requiring a high flow rate.

Its Comfort Flow technology makes sure its users never have to experience the “cold water sandwich effect.”

It’s easy to use, with its digital screen instead of a knob. And on top of providing you with on-demand hot water, this unit can also help you reduce your energy bills!


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